Sneakers On My Birthday!

Just turned 21 today!  Oh my, I feel so old already.   Feels like just yesterday I was 13, and everyone's gushing about how tall and matured I look in that age, and now I really am beyond my teen years.  Oh well, I guess that's just life.  We need to grow old to move forward with our lives.  Specially now that I'm a graduate, I need to be in the corporate world already.  Open the next chapter in my life, be a professional and reach my dreams.

I just wish for my birthday, that someday I may find the true meaning of happiness.

So anyway, on my special day I decided to get comfy.  This is what I wore.

Dress: Plains&Prints | Sneakers: Old Navy | Envelope Bag: Gucci(DIY Diaries) | Accessories: SheenaMoll | Watch: Quartz | Shades: Rayban

Happy Birthday to me!! :*


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