Basic Bitch

When out one night with 3 friends while vacationing in CDO.  Bianca, the youngest in all 4 of us, asked if her outfit looked ok.  She was wearing jeans, hanging top, sneakers, and Justine said it was OK.  She then compared our outfits, (I don't remember the exact terms that she used, just correct me nalang if ever you're reading this. Haha!), Bianca was the cool one, Justine was Girly Hip-Hop(?)(Was I correct Justine? Haha!), Chesca was Bohemian, and mine was Basic Bitch.  

So that pretty much where my title came from.  I was wearing black&white and ballet flats.  Very basic and a bit minimalist.  Hope you liked my outfit!

'til my next outfit post!


Chiffon Blouse : Cotton On | Origami Skirt : Zara | Flats : Parisian | Sling Bag : H&M | Wrist Watch : United Colors of Benetton

Summer Sophistication

On our last night in CDO, we went out for Dinner with our Gallego family.  Ate at this Open Restaurant which overlooks the entire city from the mountain where it is located.  Just wanted to share how nice the place was, it's called the High Ridge.  

This is what I decided to wear, although it's night time, since it's summer it was very hot as well.  Though I must admit, I forgot to pack my seamless bra.  So you would notice that the one I'm wearing at that time looks like it's lifting my top.  Forgive me on that. Haha!

Photos below are © of my Tita Rose.

Here we are sitting beside the cliff.  It looks a bit dangerous but it's really beautiful. One wrong move though, you'll be rolling down the mountain.  LOL

Even the Comfort Rooms are open! This is the other thing I love most about it, the breeze is soooooo fresh and the food is also great.  Ooohhh, it makes me feel so hungry all of a sudden.  Kudos to the owner of this restaurant and the people behind it as well.

Culottes : Tahari | Sling Bag : H&M | Watch : United Colors of Benetton