I saw this 3/4 shirt at Greenhills, besides of its simplicity, I also liked its fabric because it's just not cotton but  thicker and comfortable to use.
Then I bought the Nautical Red and White Stripes Shorts at Bench
Plain Red Flats. :))


Blue with a little touch of Pink :)

Pink and Cream Striped Blouse with pink ribbon on the upper side  is by Illou
Vintage shorts by Natty
Accessories made by Moi(some of them)
Blue Shoes with Pink Wooden Heels. :))

Denim and Floral

I saw this long see-through floral blouse at a Thrift Shop and tried it on the dressing room, but I instantly had a better idea.  Well I didn't do much to it, I just cropped it actually so it's now a cropped blouse and half of it is now a skirt.  The Denim bandage skirt was actually a Jegging, but it was a little too short for me because I have very long legs, so I just cropped it of and redesigned it into a bandage skirt. It's fabric was stretchable so it fits me perfectly. :))
Accessories was bought in Glorietta 
Shoes bought from Thrift Shop also. :))


Christmas Day

Christmas Day.. :))

It's Christmas Morning!  When's the better day to have a family picture, right?
Bought the Blouse from Rawr
White Oxfrod Shoes & Studded White Bag bought from Thrift Shop
Shorts and Accessories personally designed and handmade by Moi


Rush Pick. :)

Blue 3/4th Blouse by Betty.
Shorts by Plains & Prints.
Vintage Belt
Shoes by Geox
and Bag by Mikaela

One of my Highschool bestfriends, Mimi, who relocated to their Hometown in General Santos after sophomore year, came back to Cavite after 3 years for a short vacation.  And we just could not let her go back to her province without having a date without us, right?  So Dylann, our other bestfriend picked me up from home so we can go together to MOA(Mall of Asia).

Since Dylann, was wearring shorts, she asked me to wear the same so we can match outfits.  But I still could not decide what to wear, so I just grabbed everything I saw first.  Turns out, Mimi was also wearing the same!  Hahaha  We really think alike!

I'm just glad my outfit turned out just right.


Watermelon Jeans :)

My first Post


I just bought a new pair of wedges from Charles and Keith, so I was very excited to wear them.  Although I must admit, it wasn't fun walking around the mall with a 4 and a half inches heels, given that it was my first time to wear as high as those.  I was a bit of  a tomboy back then, so I'm not really used to wearing heels.  Haha
My top is also new, bought it from a local store here in the Philippines.
Criss-cross Blazer previously owned by my mom.  She had it since she was a teen, then she passed it on to me.
Pants by Sissy Boy, bought it from a Thrift Shop.
I really love Thrift Shops.  It's the only place I can shop non-stop and I'm not ashamed to admit it. :)

(sorry for the blurry pictures. didn't bring my camera to the mall.)