Honeymoon Tour: Ariana Experience

What a blast it has been!  Ariana sure knows how to WOW an audience.  Damn!  Her voice can rule the world.  It was definitely a great experience.  And I would love to see her more.  Decided to enjoy the event itself than take pictures of her which I can find thousands on the internet.  Which explains why we don't have lots of pictures,  I was with my sister BTW and she was crying the whole time while singing along.  Haha!

Jacket : Michael Korrs | Top : China Ting | Culottes : Tahari | Sneakers : Converse | Earrings : Christian Dior

Basic Bitch

When out one night with 3 friends while vacationing in CDO.  Bianca, the youngest in all 4 of us, asked if her outfit looked ok.  She was wearing jeans, hanging top, sneakers, and Justine said it was OK.  She then compared our outfits, (I don't remember the exact terms that she used, just correct me nalang if ever you're reading this. Haha!), Bianca was the cool one, Justine was Girly Hip-Hop(?)(Was I correct Justine? Haha!), Chesca was Bohemian, and mine was Basic Bitch.  

So that pretty much where my title came from.  I was wearing black&white and ballet flats.  Very basic and a bit minimalist.  Hope you liked my outfit!

'til my next outfit post!


Chiffon Blouse : Cotton On | Origami Skirt : Zara | Flats : Parisian | Sling Bag : H&M | Wrist Watch : United Colors of Benetton

Summer Sophistication

On our last night in CDO, we went out for Dinner with our Gallego family.  Ate at this Open Restaurant which overlooks the entire city from the mountain where it is located.  Just wanted to share how nice the place was, it's called the High Ridge.  

This is what I decided to wear, although it's night time, since it's summer it was very hot as well.  Though I must admit, I forgot to pack my seamless bra.  So you would notice that the one I'm wearing at that time looks like it's lifting my top.  Forgive me on that. Haha!

Photos below are © of my Tita Rose.

Here we are sitting beside the cliff.  It looks a bit dangerous but it's really beautiful. One wrong move though, you'll be rolling down the mountain.  LOL

Even the Comfort Rooms are open! This is the other thing I love most about it, the breeze is soooooo fresh and the food is also great.  Ooohhh, it makes me feel so hungry all of a sudden.  Kudos to the owner of this restaurant and the people behind it as well.

Culottes : Tahari | Sling Bag : H&M | Watch : United Colors of Benetton

First 2015 OOTD!!!

It's funny how time flies so fast, isn't it?  2014 has been a great year for me.  I graduated from college with a Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology and wore a dress that I designed myself.  Got hired in Convergys and ended the year with not just passing, but high score card.  And met new amazing people.  I have truly been blessed.

  But I must say, in spite of  my achievements this year, I couldn't help but still feel incomplete (maybe I should take centrum? LOL!).  But all jokes aside, it's not that I don't feel grateful at all, it's just that there is something that I still haven't found yet.  What is it?  Happiness.  Yes, that's right, true happiness.

I may look silly, happy-go-lucky all the time, crank a few jokes and make people laugh.  But deep inside, I feel sadness. In a way I feel a bit miserable.  I feel like I'm not where I am supposed to be.  But I believe everything happens for a reason and the good thing is, I try to be as positive as I can.

So for this year, my goal is to find that HAPPINESS.  I am starting my year with full good vibes and hoping for a better year ahead.  I will try to focus on the more important things and start planning for a better future.

I wish you HAPPY NEW YEAR again guys!  Let's all make it the best year ever!

And here's my OOTD for the first day of 2015!

Skirt : H&M | Cropped Top : Forever 21 | Pointed Flats : Nine West

My kind of Glam Rock

Isn't it nice dressing up for a party???  Well this is the only thing that I really love about parties, glamming up for the occasion.  And this year, I am very honored to be a part of Convergys' Alabang Rock N' Pop Christmas party.

So the theme was about Glam Rock and I was totally channeling into my inner Angelina Jolie.  Fogive me if I kept showing my legs, I was just so feeling the moment of my highslit dress.  Hahah

I was wearing a buttoned dress with high slit on each side, strappy heels from Parisian and a Chain necklace with a Lion Pendant.  For my inner clothing, actually I kinda had to do an impromptu leather short design because the slit was so high that i couldn't just wear it with just my underwear on.  It was pretty much last minute when I finally thought about what to do haha!  Although because it was rushed ( I was able to finish it within 1 hr and 30 mins.), it wasn't perfect, especially the fitting.  But it didn't matter because i needed something just enough to cover my hips.  Here it is:

And ofcourse, the night is not complete without a selfie!

And before I end my post, I just wanted to share with you how happy I am that my friends trusted me to also let me style them for the party!

Dress : Le Gala | Heels  : Parisian | Leather High Waist Shorts : SheenaMoll | Gold Chain Necklace | Belt : Sophie Martin