Breezy Baguio

The summer is almost over, but the heat days are not even close to ending.  So my brother and his girlfriend planned to take us to spend the weekend at Baguio.  At first I didn't really want to go, but my not so little sister anymore, needed to be chaperoned, so I had no choice.  But no regrets, I enjoyed our stay there for 2 days.

We went to Burnham Park, paddled the duck boat for half an hour.  Climbed up the famous Grotto.  Lit up candles to pray to Mother Mary and offered flowers before we left.

On our way to Minesview Park, we dropped by the Botanical Garden.  Oh how beautiful that place is, and to think we haven't even seen the whole place.

Then there were stalls of native costumes, up for rent for only 20 pesos for picture taking, unlimited shots!  Ofcourse we had to try it on!  Hahha  Does it look good on me??

Then we went to Minesview park.  We didn't stay for long but we had pictures with the famous incredibly large dog, his name was COCO.  Oh how cute he was!  Then I had a picture with the cute pink pony.  It was my first time to ride a horse. I was screaming like a little child.  Haha But t'was definitely fun!

Hope to see you soon again Baguio!!

Sweater : Abound | Pants & Wedge Sneakers: Forever21 | Watch: Swatch | Bag: Asumague


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