The BIG Day is almost here!!!!  I couldn't be more excited!!!!  Although we were advised the last minute to wear our uniforms for the last time for Baccalaureate Mass Today, I refused to do so.  My dress has been waiting for almost 2 years now, I don't want to spoil my moment.  So this is what I wore.  :)

I really LOVE this dress because of it's elegance.  It's very simple yet very classy.
And it's backless, so at the same time, it makes it a little sexy but not too flirty.

♥ Dress by NEW LOOK
♥ Earrings by Forever 21
♥ Heels by Parisian

(After a while, I had to change my heels to flats because the sole cracked 
while walking on a very rocky floor.)

♥Flats by Nine West

 Tomorrow, I will be an official GRADUATE!!!  I feel truly blessed to have accomplished this far.
I dedicate this to my family, my friends, and to a special someone. :)

Can't wait for tomorrow!

DIY Diaries: Valentine

Before it looked this fab,

it used to be like this....


(Sorry for the awkward pose.  I was trying to be the Ally darling in "What's your number?" 
for our Movie Poster Multimedia Project)

I cut off the sleeves of the dress, then shaped it like a heart, that's why it got shorter.  Altered it on each side so it would fit me better.  The dress' size used to be  X-Large, now it's a Small.




I used Textile Paint for painting the cloth part of the shoes.
Used Elmer's All Purpose Glue and Red Glitters for the Heart Shape and the Heels.

DIY Diaries: Debut Entry

Hey Guys!!!

It took me a ages to get back on my blog again, but here I am ready to show you more.
This time you will not only see my styles, but also my simple creative designs.
From clothes to accessories, shoes and bags.
This is my chance to show my REAL passion and talent.
I hope to inspire young people like me who wants to show their own creativity.

And for my first post in 2 years, I am debuting my DIY Diaries.
DIY which means "Do-It-Yourself"

So here it is guys, this was my purple pointy flat shoes.
I bought it last year from Sophie Martin Paris here in the Philippines.  
But after some time, I got bored with it. So I decided to paint it. :)

And this is what it looks like now.. :D

These are the materials I used to paint my shoes:

Textile Paint (Black & White)
Paint Brushes

I just recently wore it to a Sunday Mass in PICC.

I paired it with a Houndstooth Printed Pants by Limited
Military Button-up Blouse - Military Green
Wrist Watch by DKNY

Hope you liked it guys!