Watermelon Jeans :)

My first Post


I just bought a new pair of wedges from Charles and Keith, so I was very excited to wear them.  Although I must admit, it wasn't fun walking around the mall with a 4 and a half inches heels, given that it was my first time to wear as high as those.  I was a bit of  a tomboy back then, so I'm not really used to wearing heels.  Haha
My top is also new, bought it from a local store here in the Philippines.
Criss-cross Blazer previously owned by my mom.  She had it since she was a teen, then she passed it on to me.
Pants by Sissy Boy, bought it from a Thrift Shop.
I really love Thrift Shops.  It's the only place I can shop non-stop and I'm not ashamed to admit it. :)

(sorry for the blurry pictures. didn't bring my camera to the mall.)



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