My kind of Glam Rock

Isn't it nice dressing up for a party???  Well this is the only thing that I really love about parties, glamming up for the occasion.  And this year, I am very honored to be a part of Convergys' Alabang Rock N' Pop Christmas party.

So the theme was about Glam Rock and I was totally channeling into my inner Angelina Jolie.  Fogive me if I kept showing my legs, I was just so feeling the moment of my highslit dress.  Hahah

I was wearing a buttoned dress with high slit on each side, strappy heels from Parisian and a Chain necklace with a Lion Pendant.  For my inner clothing, actually I kinda had to do an impromptu leather short design because the slit was so high that i couldn't just wear it with just my underwear on.  It was pretty much last minute when I finally thought about what to do haha!  Although because it was rushed ( I was able to finish it within 1 hr and 30 mins.), it wasn't perfect, especially the fitting.  But it didn't matter because i needed something just enough to cover my hips.  Here it is:

And ofcourse, the night is not complete without a selfie!

And before I end my post, I just wanted to share with you how happy I am that my friends trusted me to also let me style them for the party!

Dress : Le Gala | Heels  : Parisian | Leather High Waist Shorts : SheenaMoll | Gold Chain Necklace | Belt : Sophie Martin



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