Royal Blue Double Ruffled Blouse by Symphonie - I got the it from my mom.  It was hers when she was still a teenager.  She was about to give it away but then I decided to keep it for myself.
Wide-leg pants - I finished sewing this the day before my mom bought me my own sewing machine for my 18th birthday. :))
Blue Pumps by Ellis - I saw this pair from a Thrift Shop.  At first I was having second thoughts if I should buy them, but then I told myself  'it's not everyday that I get to see a pair of shoes as pretty as these.'  So I came back for it the next day, and also because I couldn't sleep without thinking about it. hahah 
Snake Skin clutch bag - by SM Accessories.
Ribbon Structured Necklace - I personally made this out of unused earrings.

Hope you liked it! :))



  1. Hi there) I like your blog very much. I would be happy to be friends with you. Could we follow each other?

    1. hi, thank you so much. :)) although it's been so long since I updated my Blog.. I would LOVE to follow you. :))